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Minds Influenced by the Same Things Think Alike

Originally posted on dlpedit:
Last week, I posted some thoughts on two book series that had sparked my early interest in reading and influenced my careers in teaching and writing American history. I’ve since learned that I’m not the only…

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The Glue That Binds

Some things run through families generation after generation. Some of them are not pleasant while some are a much-cherished item. Some families have generations of doctors, writers, or certain noses, chins, or even a certain laugh. While I am aware … Continue reading

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Now, Where Did I Put That……………………?

What you see shown above is part of my workspace. It was much worse. In fact over the last few years it has gotten much better. Instead of boxes and file drawers full of papers and records surrounded by hills … Continue reading

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Throw Back Thursday; A Boy And His Tractor

I had been working on organizing some old family photographs when I came across these photographs. They were taken in 1955 at Macomb Park, Schuyler Falls, N.Y.. Great care was taken in writing the date and place these pictures were … Continue reading

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Hiding In Plain Sight

In his book “Descendants of Thomas Dakin of Concord, Massachusetts” A.H. Dakin has my 2nd great grandfather Abraham Morton Dakin death date as January, 1914. The book was printed in 1948 and I thought that more up to date information … Continue reading

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The Godfather

We all should take a second look at the family records that we have gathered in our search for family history. You may find some surprises when you re-examined them. I have re-read many of the family’s obituaries and researched … Continue reading

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Mail Call 1945

  This is a continuation of my post Mail Call 1942 and Mail Call 1943. I would advise you to start reading in Mail Call 1942 to get the complete story. I purchased about 200 letters at an auction and … Continue reading

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Left Behind Family History: Part Two

This is a follow up to a post I did last summer. I am doing this because I wanted to see if the disregard of family heirlooms is as widespread as I thought. It wasn’t. It was worse! My granddaughter … Continue reading

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