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Going To the Movies

  A few days ago I was watching on television the original King Kong movie. I remembered as a child when I first watched this movie and feeling very sorry for King Kong. This caused me to reflect on my … Continue reading

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Listening To Gravestones

One of the many things we did on a recent trip we took back to my hometown was to visit a couple of cemeteries. Since my wife’s family has been in the area since the 1700s and mine came to … Continue reading

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Great Loves Live On.

Willis Deloria and Pauline Bonnett Deloria were my grandparents. They were married in 1918 when Pauline was just over the age of 15, and Willis was 35. It was the first and the last marriage for each of them. Willis … Continue reading

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Now, Where Did I Put That……………………?

What you see shown above is part of my workspace. It was much worse. In fact over the last few years it has gotten much better. Instead of boxes and file drawers full of papers and records surrounded by hills … Continue reading

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A Day In The Life Of…………………………

The Last few days have brought cold weather with temperatures falling below zero. Yesterday we got about eight inches of snow with blowing wind. These conditions have the effect of making the snow harder to deal with and just making … Continue reading

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Throw Back Thursday: Our First Christmas Tree

Here it is our first Christmas tree that my wife and I picked out for our celebration. It was short, squat, crooked, and not well shaped. We knew it was going to be a problem as soon as we got … Continue reading

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Do Our Family Treasures Have a Secret Life?

We all have them. Those items we gather as we move through our life. They may have been handed down to you by your parents, grandparents or passed down from many generations. It could even be a silly souvenir that … Continue reading

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