Family Pictures Found–Unidentified!

A lesson for all of us regarding labeling our pictures. Perhaps some of you may be able to help Helen come up with ways to identify these people.

Heart of a Southern Woman

Youngblood sibs in snow, Gwendolyn, Cecil, Helen, unknown and Fulton A recently discovered family picture with  no one identified. We are working to identify  these people!

Family pictures and portraits–don’t you love them!?  A couple weeks ago, my sister found a small album, about 3″ x 5″, full of old family pictures! The picture above is one of those pictures!  I love that picture, but who are those folks?!    What a treasure!  There were maybe 50 pictures–but only two were actually labeled as to who was in the picture!  Now my sister and I are in our 70’s—born in the 1940’s, as was my older brother.  Our younger brother was not born until 1955.  These pictures look like they were mostly taken in the early 1920’s!  Some people looked familiar, but we are just guessing! A treasure and a puzzle!

Our Mom died in 1980, Dad in 1988.  After Dad died we cleared out the house that had been ours…

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7 Responses to Family Pictures Found–Unidentified!

  1. Peter Klopp says:

    Wow, what a wonderful find! Now the job is to identify the persons on the other pictures.

  2. dlpedit says:

    This makes me think of all the photos I’ve taken and then filed–unlabeled–over the years and how hard that will make it for anyone who’s interested in them years after I’m gone!

  3. zicharon says:

    I have a similar album and have working on it for five years. Check with cousins. Sometimes they have a photo that is labeled.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I thank God that my mother methodically labeled her photos.

  5. cbraun354 says:

    I just found a similar photo album and I have no idea who the people are. Most of the pics are of the same people.

  6. Thanks o much Charles for reblogging this– and thanks greatly to all of you for the suggestions and shared experiences💕

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