Minds Influenced by the Same Things Think Alike

I have been following and reading a blog by Dennis Peterson titled dlpedit, and have found it interesting reading. I suggest others give it a try. Dennis is a teacher and a writer of American history. This is a post of mine he thought worth repeating. I hope you agree.


landmark-booksLast week, I posted some thoughts on two book series that had sparked my early interest in reading and influenced my careers in teaching and writing American history. I’ve since learned that I’m not the only one so influenced by the Hardy Boys series of mysteries or the exciting history recounted in the Landmark books.

Shortly after I posted that essay, Charles Moore, who has been following my blog for a while, contacted me to suggest that I might enjoy a blog post of his that he wrote a couple of years ago. I checked it out and was so impressed that I read it twice! In a gesture of friendship and for the sake of the possibility that his essay might encourage someone else to read and write stories about their own life and genealogy for future readers, Mr. Moore gave me permission to reprint his story here on my blog. I…

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12 Responses to Minds Influenced by the Same Things Think Alike

  1. Amy says:

    Wonderful post, Charles! I am glad the other blogger brought it back to the fore as I’d not seen it before. Books have always been my refuge. My mother used to say, “I don’t care what you read, as long as you read.” I read Superman comics, Nancy Drew books, biographies written for children, and novels, lots and lots of novels. Reading remains my escape. Your teacher and your mother were two very wise women.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Since I only found you this summer, I was delighted to read this. Many kids start out slowly in reading. Sometimes they never get the chance to catch up. I’m grateful that you had such deep support.

  3. GP Cox says:

    To me, reading a book is like going on an adventure – whether you know the ending or not, it’s always a good story getting there.

  4. Spyro says:

    My parents were of the Depression, children of immigrants and stressed education and reading above all. Similar to your love of The Hardy Boys, your post brought me back to going to the library in my elementary school and reading biographies of our Presidents, inventors, etc. of American History. To this day, there are few things I prefer over reading a book or story. Thank you.

  5. KerryCan says:

    I hadn’t read this post before and I loved it! You were fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher, not to mention parents. The gift of reading is about the best gift ever!

  6. Happy Holidays! Yes, this is the way it starts. When the memories and motivation are connected to the heart, the story will come forth. The important thing is to get started. Refining the narrative will come later…perhaps. Sometimes a piece is good just as it is for the immediacy and tone of voice it conveys.

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