Sixth Grade; Throw Back Thursday

That's me, back row 2nd child from the left. The only boy with glasses.

That’s me, back row 2nd child from the left. The only boy with glasses.

This picture is my Sixth grade class at Broad Street School. I thought I would put this on since I have been blogging about the school and Plattsburgh. The man on the right side of the picture is Gilbert Duken. Not only did he have to teach a class of 35 students he also was the principal. He also found time to take on a student teacher (standing on the other side) for part of the year. Also, he was an alderman for the city. I think about him when I hear teachers complain today.

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6 Responses to Sixth Grade; Throw Back Thursday

  1. love old school photos wish I had more of them!

  2. pastsmith says:

    I love old school photos too. Tells you so much about the times by their clothes and what’s around them. Plus they are just fun to look at. Thanks for sharing yours .

  3. Marie Lough says:

    This photo is so typical of ones I have – I even looked to see if I recognized anyone, but this wasn’t taken in Sarasota, FL so I don’t know why I did! I remember those headbands!

  4. Sheryl says:

    The picture is wonderful. Your teacher/principal sounds like he was an amazing person and able to successfully juggle many activities.

  5. Hi Charles, because I love your blog so, and admire your storytelling and your teaching, I have nonminated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! I hope you’ll take it and enjoy the honor! You can read about receiving it and your duties on my page at: (afterwards, just install an image widget onyour sidebar to show your award! ) Helen

  6. I agree with Marie . . . I also have a sixth grade picture of my class, and for some reason it seems that the students have an uncanny similarity . . . plaid shirts, hairstyles, photography style.

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